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What is ILMFlix?

ILMFlix is a great new way to learn more about Islam from your favourite and renowned scholars.  Currently, our library consists of recordings of our online and on-site seminars, which are available to view anytime, anywhere, at your convenience from your ILMFlix membership account. ILMFlix is completely free to access, however, we strongly encourage you to help us make our dream a reality. We envision to make classical Islamic texts available to western audiences in the language that they understand and in the context that’s relevant to them.

Your donations help us do more of what we do and get better and better at it. Every dollar you spend goes a long way in making authentic knowledge available to those who seek it and in turn, makes the world a much better place. Create a constant source of reward for yourself by helping an effort to educate thousands of sincere Muslims around the world, so for every good deed that they do you get rewarded, Insha’Allah, even long after you’re gone.

We’ve collected  $49901 of our $100000 goal!

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